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Until the system is fixed, please use your cursor to click and expand the "Group or Company" field border to see the entire Group or Company Name.  See the example below:


Q: Did you receive my application?

A: If you received an email saying we received your application, then we received your application. Before you call or email us, please click on this link <Processed> Tab, and check to see if your application is there. The instructions will tell you how to expand the Group or Company Name and scroll through all of the received applications.  The table is in reverse order of entry, that is the last application is on top.  You might have to scroll thru a few pages to get to the date of your application.  We encourage you to scroll thru the entire list before contacting us.  Thank you. You can see by this example there are 5 pages of 15 entries each, and the right arrow will take you to the next page of 15 entries.


Report below shows all Groups that have submitted an Application.
Please refresh the page and then scroll thru the entire table before you email us and ask if we have received your application.

If you are not in the table below, we have not received your application, so please fill-in All Required Fields, check that you have aggreed to follow the parade rules and send it again. 

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